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Hands-On by Maurizio Montalti

Biofilia: Art and Biosciences Course

Biofilia: Art and Biosciences Course, 6 ECTS

11th September - 13th December, 2013

Contents and objectives:

The course will give an introduction to Biological Arts and to the related transdisciplinary research, artistic thought and production, (bio)technologies and ethics. The course is divided to five interrelated sections:

1) Lectures given by Finnish and international artists, researchers and other art&science agents (artists Terike Haapoja, Antero Kare, Oron Catts among others)

2) Visits to scientific research centres in Helsinki and Espoo

3) Hands-on lab work in Aalto Biofilia laboratory

In the laboratory, focus will be on scientific research methods and the aim is to give basic introduction of hands-on wet lab work. The course introduces to: aseptic working methods, cells and tissues, bacterias as well as genetics. After the laboratory period student has basic understanding of wide range of methods, protocols and safety issues concerning working in wet biology laboratory environment.

4)  Workshop: Analyzing art and science through Drosophila melanogaster, by artist and researcher Andy Gracie (UK)

5) Independent study of texts and other materials.

The course is taken by attending the lectures, visits, workshop and the lab works. As a final work the students will develop a project in Biological Arts by their own or as a part of a group.

The course is aimed for MA or doctorate students in Aalto University.  Earlier experience in lab work is not required. Sign up In weboodi under the code 01266.

More info:

Helsinki University students of Biosciences can apply to the course though JOO.

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