Biofilia - Base for Biological Arts


New learning and research environment at the intersection of art, life sciences and technology.

Aalto Biofilia is unique in the world as it is the only fully equipped biological lab that is operated by an art school and based in an electrical engineering building. It offers unparalled reseach capacity for the growing field of biological art. The lab is equipped for hands-on research and creative experimentation and it provides the basic  tools for molecular biology, tissue culture and engineering and microbiology.

Biofilia in-house-scientist Marika Hellman assists the research and education programmes of Biofilia; including the Artist-in-laboratory residencies and workshops.

The Biofilia laboratory space situates as an annex of a bigger laboraratory facilities that belong to the LUMA. LUMA Resource Centre at Aalto University aims to support and advance studies of mathematics, natural sciences and technology for students at upper secondary education. The courses in mathematics, chemistry, geology and astronomy etc. are taught by university teachers and professors.

Biofilia and LUMA share an audiotorium space for 40 persons with streaming facilities.

This new research and learning environment will bring together artists, scientists, scholars and students from Aalto University and beyond. It is a joint project between ARTS, ELEC, CHEM and Espoo City.

The biological science laboratory installations are located in Otaniemi Campus, at Electrical Engineering building (Sähkötalo, Otakaari 7).

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