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Dinner´s ready! Program for all publics

09.04.-10.05.2014 / 16:30 - 22:00

-a series of open lectures and a cook show at Abattoir (Helsinki, Finland) 9.4.–10.5.2014

Researchers predict a worldwide shortage of food and drinking water in the near future. But memories of food scarcity in the past still remain. Europeans recall provisions, rationing, and food lines in the 1940s – a time when fatty foods were lifesavers not diet killers. 

To confront the impending danger of meat shortage, Dutch scientists have been busy culturing beef in the laboratory. In August 2013 the news about the first in-vitro-hamburger resounded across the world. However, only a few know of a similar experiment carried out as an artwork over a decade ago. The culinary art/food product was not a hamburger, but a sophisticated biotech version of a frog thigh.

Are tissue engineering and the bioreactor the future of home economics? Will in-vitro-meat be on the table of everyone´s kitchen? Or are there other means to solve food scarcity than a blind faith in technology?

People want to eat meat. A lot of it. Meat and fish are cheaper and more intensively produced now than ever before.

And people want to talk and think about their food. It is celebrated as a cultural product by chefs and hobbyists in books and blogs; cooking programs are wildly popular; and food is an object for academic research and artistic creation. Famous restaurants have queues.

It is ‘hip’ to eat local. Community gardens are a trendy way to prepare for the future, and city people are learning about foraging wild plants in their own neighborhoods. Old traditional practices like farming, beekeeping, fermenting, and herb collecting have become a type of living art.

Joy and pleasure are part of the art of cooking and eating together. Finland is experiencing new ways to enjoy food; people are exchanging culinary knowledge and taking the time to eat well with others. Not even strict regulations can discourage energetic food initiatives.

As the debate around lab-meat heats up, the shelves of supermarkets groan with artificial and imaginative products of the food industries. What are these new products? Where have they originated? What are they made from? And how nutritional can they be? These essential questions are very difficult to answer. Some people are satisfied with the abundance of uncertain food products at supermarkets, but for others, the shortage of genuine and good food is already a common situation to face.   


Dinner´s Ready is a series of open lectures dealing with the social, political, philosophical, and ethical issues tied to contemporary food production and consumption. The program culminates with the ArtMeatFlesh Cook Show, an event where artists, scientists and chefs shed light on some of the facts, fears and myths surrounding the issues.

The program is also an academic course for Aalto University students with arts, design, architecture, economics and engineering backgrounds. During the course the students will learn the basics of growing meat out of cells in the wet biology laboratory and study processed food with international artists in Biofilia –Base for Biological Arts in Otaniemi Campus, Finland. The workshops will be run by artists Oron Catts (AU), Zack Denfeld (USA) and Cat Kramer (NO), together with Biofilia lab manager Marika Hellman. Dinner´s Ready program is designed by curator Ulla Taipale and it is a collaboration with Kellohalli and Flavour Studio at Teurastamo (Abattoir), Helsinki.

Ohjelma / Program:



Ke / Wed 9.4. / 16.30 -> 

Nälkä ja jano / Hunger and Thirst

Prof. Markku Wilenius (Future Studies):  

Maailmaa muistaen: tulevaisuuden ruokaetiketti /

Remembering the world: Food etiquette for the future

Prof. Johanna Mäkelä (Food Culture):

Niukkuuden ruokakulttuuri / The Food Culture of Scarcity

Chef Sami Tallberg:

Ruokaa silmille ja vatsalle; villiruoan keräämisen perusteet ja etiikka /

Food for need and pleasure; basics and ethics of foraging wild food


Ti / Tue 15.4. klo 16.00 ->

Ruoan energia ja Syömisen nautinto  / Energy of Food, pleasure of Eating

Filosofi / Philosopher Tere Vadén:

Miltä fossiiliset polttoaineet maistuvat?/ The Modern Taste for Fossil Fuels


Energisiä ruoka-aloitteita / Energetic food initiatives:

Head of Helsinkis food culture strategy and true food fighter Ville Relander:

From meatpacking to eatpackin

*Pixelache koordinaattori / coordinator Nathalie Aubret:

Foodycle, uusi ruoka/taide/design/tiede/aktivismi –festivaali /

Foodycle, a new food festival about art/design/science/activism

*Ruokakirjailija / Food writer Anna Talasniemi:

Ei vain reseptejä / More than recipes

*Culinarist and food hobbyist / Vahid Mortazaei:

Edible Media

*Chef Sami Tallberg:

Elosäätiön ruokalähettiläänä maailmalla / Elo-Foundation Embassador for Food

among others..


Ke / Wed 23.4. klo 16.30 ->

Kilo paistia, litra maitoa, lusikallinen hunajaa ja kourallinen sirkkoja

Kilo of beef, litre of milk, spoonful of honey and a handful of crickets


Johtaja, Eläinten Hyvinvointikeskus /

Director, The Finnish Centre for Animal Wellfare Satu Raussi:

Syötävien eläinten hyvinvoinnista - elämä nautana, sikana, kanana ja porona /

About the wellfare of edible animals –the life of cattle, pig, chicken and reindeer


Kirjailija, taiteilija / Author, artist Laura Gustafsson;

Toisten historian maitobaari / History of Others' Milk Bar


Taiteilija, tutkija / Artist, researcher Christina Stadlbauer,

Kolme syytä syödä tai olla syömättä hunajaa / Three reasons to (not) eat honey


Ravintola Ötökkä / Restaurant Ötökkä, Niina Kangas ja Tuula Lehtonen:

Be there or Bug off  


Ti / Tue 29.4. klo 16.00 ->

Deconstructing Sushi


Toimittaja, tutkija / Journalist, researcher, Kukka Ranta:

Ryöstetty meri / Robbed sea

+ film screening ( to be confirmed )


Ke / Wed 7.5. klo 16.00 ->

Kummaa ruokaa / Freaky Foods

Taiteilijat / artists Zack Denfeld and Cat Kramer / The Center for Genomic Gastronomy

Taiteilija / artist Oron Catts / SymbioticA, TheCentre for Excellence in Biological Arts


La / Sat 10.5. klo 18.30 ->

ArtMeatFlesh kokkitapahtuma / Cook Show


Oron Catts / SymbioticA

Zack Denfeld & Cat Kramer / The Center for Genomic Gastronomy

Author Laura Gustafsson

Professor, specialist in agroecology and environmental sustainability of food production systems Sirpa Kurppa (MTT)



Sami Tallberg

Jouni Ukkonen


Ohjelmamuutokset mahdollisia / Dates and program may be subject to change,

Check the website for updates:


Lisätietoja / For more information: Ulla Taipale,, +358 50 595 7724



Kellohalli / Teurastamo, Työpajankatu 2, 00580 Helsinki

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